Legal Blueprint©

A legal blueprint of the laws and regulations that impact your organisation.

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Decomplexification Model©

An abundance of information from relevant laws, sorted, structured and linked to your organisation.

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Compliance Organiser©

Planning, implementing and monitoring: complete control over compliance processes.

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Legal Business DNA©

Putting your business processes in their legal frame: are you working by the book?

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Organisations find itdifficult to know how all the key aspects of their business –the legal authority for business processes, administrative policies, services and other cost drivers –work together. It's too much detail for any one person to hold in their head.

Using the Decomplexification model® you can visualise large amounts of information in ways that tell you more than you ever knew about your business, in a clear, insightful and appealing way.


New or changing legislation, policy or processes? Working remotely? With our legal knowledge bank you can record and share all valuable knowledge and expertise online. Legislation, policy or processes are recorded and presented in a structured way.

Are you considering developing a custom legal knowledge bank? We are happy to help you design the most user-friendly environment, design content and help you with implementation.

Our name

The name Juris is derived from the Latin noun ‘ius’, meaning ‘law’, ‘justice’ or ‘right’. The genitive of ius is iuris, meaning ‘from the law’. A fitting name for an organisation that revolves around providing insight into laws and regulations.